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Lenten Prayer Calendar and Food Drive

As our Lenten Journey begins, we can struggle to find the time for prayer and reflection, what sort of fast we will take on, or how to support a charity through our alsmsgiving. With

that in mind we have created an interactive Lenten calendar to help you get the most out of your Lent.

When you open up the calendar you will find icons for the following:

+ Scripture - This links you to the Mass readings of the day. If you can't make it to daily Mass this is a great want to connect to the liturgy during the week. On Sunday, you can read and reflect on the scriptures prior to attending Mass.

+ Prayer - This links you to a quote and a prayer that, most of the time, reflect back on the readings of the day. They're not too long so they won't take too much time out of your busy day.

+ Fasting - This links to you a fasting suggestion and also a doing suggestion that is an action you can take to enhance your fasting. Some are big steps you can take, while others are simple.

+ Almsgiving - This links you to food items that are needed to help feed the less fortunate in our community. Rising food costs mean that our St. Vincent de Paul Society needs to constantly replenish their pantry to support the increasing number of requests that they receive.

Collect the needed items throughout the Lenten Season and bring them to one of our scheduled food drives:

+ Saturday, March 18th (12-2pm drive by drop off), and/or

+ the weekend of April 22/23 (at all Masses).

Click here to open the calendar:


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