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Worship Ministries

“It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without Holy Mass.”

 - Saint Padre Pio

OLA’s Worship Ministries offer our parishioners opportunities to gather in prayer, to serve our liturgies behind-the-scenes, and to assist in the action of the liturgies. Through their gifts and talents ministry stewards ensure that our liturgical celebrations are truly life-giving expressions of our faith. 

Our Worship Ministries are always looking for volunteers - and for new members to join us in prayer. If you have questions about an individual ministry, please contact the ministry contact listed or the Commission Ministry Head, Jocelyn Ralston, at

Liturgical Ministries - Behind the Scenes Support

These ministries are for those parishioners who prefer to support our communal prayer outside of actual liturgies.

Altar Linens

Members of the Altar Linen ministry launder and iron linens used in the celebration of the Eucharist each week. Each member is assigned one week 4 times per year. Gretchen Heath,

Butterfly Mass (For those Living with Disabilities

It is an Indonesian legend that when a butterfly comes into one’s home it means that a visitor will be coming soon. The more colorful the butterfly, the more important the visitor. We welcome everyone in the parish to join in the celebration of Mass along with our brothers and sisters of all abilities on the 4th Saturday of each month at the 5pm Mass. The Butterfly Mass features softer lighting and music, fidgets for our “busy bees” and a calmer setting. OLA’s parish family fosters a welcoming, accepting, and safe environment for persons with special abilities. All are welcome to celebrate with us. Joy Baljet,

Mass Livestreaming

If you love technology and understand the importance of getting the Mass to those who cannot join us in person, this ministry is for you! We are seeking responsible teens and adults to livestream our Weekend Masses, Daily Morning Masses, and other special liturgies. Adrian Stevens,

Altar Server Vestment Care

Members of this ministry clean and mend the vestments used by the altar servers. Joy Baljet,

Environment and Art

This group plans and implements the creative décor that enhance our ongoing and seasonal liturgies. Stewards are needed to assist in decorating the church throughout the year - especially during the Advent and Christmas seasons. Jocelyn Ralston,

Nursery (Sunday 9am Mass)

The Nursery is available during the 9am Sunday Mass for children 1- 4 years of age throughout the school year. The Nursery is located in the OLA Preschool classrooms - follow directional signs on Sunday or stop by the Welcome Desk for more information. ​ Laura Kleinman,

Welcome Ministry

This instrumental Ministry is often the frontline to OLA visitors. This dynamic group of people gather before and after the liturgy in the Narthex to greet parishioners and newcomers as they enter the church. They are stationed at the Welcome Table in the Narthex to answer questions about our parish and distribute materials about OLA, offertory envelopes, parish registration forms, and more. Lisa Broniec,

Liturgical Ministries

These ministries are for those parishioners who serve before, during, and after our liturgies.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Adults)

Extraordinary Ministers are commissioned to serve communion at weekend and daily Masses. Added training allows you to minister to the homebound, care centers and hospitals (See Ministers of Care on the Christian Outreach Page). Deacon Terry Biglow, Sharon Adams (Trainer), RaeAnn Brothers (Coordinator),

Funeral Coordinators

Funeral Coordinators assist families in the event of the death of a loved one by helping to plan the funeral liturgy and by being present to support the family at the funeral. ​Margie Patterson,

Lectors (Adults)

Lectors proclaim the scripture readings and Prayers of the Faithful at liturgies. ​Deacon Ed Patterson,


Sacristans assist the clergy in set-up and clean-up at daily and weekend liturgies. Dc. Ed Patterson,

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Teens)

Teen Extraordinary Ministers are commissioned to serve communion at the 5:30pm Sunday Mass, but are able to serve at any Mass. More information: Andrew Knuckles, Director of Youth Ministry,

Greeters and Ushers

Ushers greet those attending liturgies and provide assistance to those in need of seating and at communion. They take up the offertory collection, hand out bulletins, and straighten up the church pews and Narthex after Mass. Adrian Stevens,

Lectors (Teens)

Teen Lectors proclaim the scripture readings and Prayers of the Faithful at Sunday 5:30pm Mass. They are welcome to serve at other Masses once trained - contact Deacon Ed Patterson at for more information. More information: Andrew Knuckles, Director of Youth Ministry,

Wedding Guild

Wedding Guild members assist couples in pre-wedding preparations, the rehearsal, and on the day of the wedding. No previous experience necessary. Time commitment is shared with other coordinators. Cheri Felton,

Music Ministries

The Music Ministry at OLA serves at all the weekend Masses and on Holy Days of Obligation. Its mission is to create a warm, welcoming, and educational environment for any individual searching for a way to give back to the church and serve during liturgies. Through the gift of music, the members of this ministry share their talents with the congregations each weekend to create and enhance worshipful, powerful, and prayerful moments of the Mass.


Regardless of experience level, availability, or age, all are invited and encouraged to explore the different opportunities OLA’s Music Ministry offers

For Children and Youth

Altar Servers

These young ministers (boys & girls) are trained to assist the clergy in the celebration of the Eucharist for school Masses, weekend liturgies, funerals, and nuptial Masses. ​Lynn and Bill Kester,

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Each Sunday at the 9am Mass during the school year children who are in kindergarten and first grade are invited to leave Mass to listen to the Liturgy of the Word for children on their own. They will have a time of reflection on the Word then head back to Mass to join their family at the offertory. ​Bridgett Posey and Sarah Welch,

Little Lambs

Each Sunday at 9am Mass during the school year independent preschool aged children are invited to receive their own Liturgy of the Word during Mass. They are led out by our community shepherd prior to the first reading then return to Mass at the offertory. They experience scripture and a reflection designed just for their age group. Emily DeWitt,

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