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Becoming Catholic

OCIA: Order of Christian Initiation for Adults)

You are invited to enter a deeper relationship with God through the study of Scripture and traditions of the Catholic Church.  The door is always open, all you need to do is enter. 

Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA)

Are you interested in learning about the Catholic Church? Do you need to complete your Sacraments of Initiation? Are you marring a Catholic and want to learn more about the life of a Catholic? Have you been to Mass and just don’t know what is going on?

If you answered "YES!" to one or more of these questions, then OCIA is right for you!


 OCIA is the communal process of formation through which adults explore the Catholic Faith and become fully initiated members of the Roman Catholic Church. This process begins each summer with an Inquiry group and continues through the following Spring. Those that want to continue to the process to be received into the Catholic Church, will receive the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil.


Click here to sign up for OCIA.

OCIA meets on Sunday from 4 to 5:15 pm in the Upper Room of the Church.  


Stages of OCIA


Throughout the summer and moving into the fall, you are invited to ask questions and get to know others that are curious about the Catholic Church. For details, please check the Adult Faith Formation Section of the Parish Bulletin. We will explore our faith and beliefs so that you can determine if you want to continue the process toward being received into the Catholic Church.


This stage begins with the celebration of the  Rite of Election. The catechesis stage focuses on learning more about the teachings of the Church, your faith and relationship with God, and how to live a Christ-centered life. If you choose to move forward you will approach the Lenten season with the anticipation of being received at the Easter Vigil.

Purification and Enlightenment

This is the final stage before receiving the sacraments and becoming fully initiated into the Church through baptism, confirmation, and the Eucharist. (If you have already been baptized in another faith tradition - in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit - you will not be baptized again.)  This coincides with the season of Lent where the entire Church will join you as you reflect more intensely on your faith and are called into deeper conversion in preparation for Easter.


The stage of mystagogy, during the Easter season, is a period of continued reflection on the Mass and Sacraments. It is also a time of learning where you fit into the life of the Church and determining how you want to live that out. You will meet many of our ministry leaders and discover how to fully participate in the parish community.

Volunteer Opportunities
Each year volunteers are needed to help with the OCIA process, from sharing your faith to clean up at the Easter Vigil.  We have an opportunity for anyone interested in welcoming people into the Catholic Church. If you are interested in volunteering contact Elizabeth Piper at
Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos en Comunidad Latina
La Formación en la Fe de la Comunidad Latina es coordinada por Carlos Vizcaino, Coordinador de la Comunidad Latina.
Comuníquese con Carlos al 404-261-7181 ext. 356 o

Contact Us

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Elizabeth Piper

Director of Faith Formation

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