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First Eucharist & Reconciliation Prep

First Eucharist Preparation for Children and Youth

Children who are baptized Catholic and have completed one year of Faith Formation are invited to prepare to receive First Eucharist in second grade or older. Faith Formation can be done in the form of Catholic school religion class or through the parish.  The formation group that your child participates in at the parish depends on the age of your child.  

Once your child has completed the required Faith Formation, you will be invited to register for sacramental preparation with Gretchen Heath, Sacraments Secretary, at

Parents are required to attend a formation retreat on the Eucharist that which lasts 90 min.  There are weekday and weekend offerings to choose from. Only one parent is required to attend. This retreat will give the parents information to help them as the primary catechist to receive the information that is needed to assist your child as they prepare to receive the Eucharist. 

First Eucharist Masses are scheduled in the Spring of each year. Parents will receive detailed information on the calendar after your child is registered in the program. 

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Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist on Formed.

First Reconciliation Preparation for Children and Youth

Children are prepared for reconciliation in their faith formation groups in their parish or Catholic school as part of their preparation for First Eucharist.  The gift of Reconciliation is offered for the first time after the child has received at least one year of faith formation and they are in second grade or above.  

One parent is required to attend a parent reconciliation retreat. There is a choice of one of two offerings for the reconciliation retreat.  This retreat prepares the parent to assist their child in receiving the sacrament.  All communications on dates and times of reconciliation and preparation will be sent to you via email address you provide us at registration. 

Click on the image below to watch Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession on Formed.

First Reconciliation Preparation for Children and Youth
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Preparación para la Primera Eucaristía y la Reconciliación Para de la Comunidad Latina

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