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Welcome to Our Lady

of the Assumption!

It is a great blessing when new families and individuals join our parish family. I pray that your presence here will be long and happy. I also pray that your spiritual life will continue to grow as you come to know yourself in worship, education, and service. 

If you need anything, do not hesitate to reach out to myself, my staff, and my fellow clergy.


Yours in Mary, Our Mother,

Fr. Jim Duffy, S.M.

How to Register

Register Online

Simply use the "New Parishioner Information" form on this page. 

Be thorough and fill out all of the information below:

  • Include ALL family members - including non-Catholic members (spouses/children) living in the household.

  • List all sacraments received.

Send Us Your Form

Update Your Information

Fill Out the Change of Information Form

Have you moved recently? Changed your email or primary phone number? Let us know by updating the Change of Household Information Form on this page.

How to Get Involved

Join a Ministry!

With over 70 ministries, there is something for everyone at OLA! As one of our Pastoral Council members is fond of saying about belonging to the parish, "You get what you put into it, so get involved."  Click here to learn more 

How to Support Our Ministry

OLA offers many opportunities to share our faith and to serve. Our efforts are only possible through your financial support. 

We ask that you support our ministry through contributions on a consistent basis. Giving on a regular basis -  by envelope or, preferably, by online giving - enables the parish to better manage current expenses and to be able to prepare a realistic budget for the next year.

Click here to learn about donating to OLA.


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