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Why OLA?

Why Do You Love OLA? 

The Parish Engagement Council wants to know why you love OLA?

This OLA family is full of many special people who collectively make up a loving and supportive community. Your spiritual journey can intertwine with others, adding to a tapestry of shared purpose, kindness, and growth. We would love to hear why you love OLA! 


Members members of our community who have shared why they love our parish and you can see their testimonials below.  


Please share your OLA Story with us! 

Email with your story. (Feel free to include a photo, but it's not necessary.)

- The Parish Engagement Council

What is the Parish Engagement Council?

OLA's Parish Engagement Council's purpose is to engage parishioners into an active participation in the church, support existing ministries, and assist with developing new ministries. And we're looking to recruit new members for our team - all ages over 18 welcome!


We're looking for faith-filled, creative, and OLA-loving parishioners to join us.


The time commitment is one Monday a month during the school year 7-8pm at OLA. Reach out to Kim Carey-chair with questions or interest at

WO Sydney.png
Kelly Sydney

OLA is a thriving community with parishioners who are motivated to give their

time, talent and treasure.


When our family joined, I was excited about so many opportunities to get involved as I read the ministry guide, e-news, and calendar.

The Shehata Family

OLA has given our family so much through ministry and parish life involvement,

including new and dear friendships,

an increase in our faith,

and growing closer to Christ.


Love this community!

WO Shehata.png
WO Kane AMy.png
Amy Kane

We first found OLA 7 years ago when we were looking for a school for our oldest daughter.  I got more involved when I wanted to learn more about the Catholic faith alongside my daughter and decided to go through the RCIA program.


I’ve continued to grow in my faith by getting involved in other ministries and my kids are always excited to participate where they can too. OLA is such a special community with so many great offerings that I am so grateful to be part of.

Danielle Smith

My family loves OLA for their philanthropic efforts and sense of belonging to a small community in a big city. There is something for everyone at OLA, even the non-Catholics!


We also have faith that the OLA parish will always be there for our family if we are ever in a time of need (which is a great feeling as a mom!).

I am proud to raise my kids at OLA and to watch each member of our family grow in their own faith and spiritual journey.

WO SMith Danielle.png
WO Yesenia Garcia.png
Yesenia Garcia

Me gusta mucho la Iglesia y me parece un ambiente con paz y amigable. Y estoy agradecida por la paciencia que nos tienen todos ustedes.😇😃❤"

"I really like the Church and I find it a peaceful and friendly environment. And I am grateful for the patience that all of you have with us. 😇😃❤

Jon Mangiaracina,
Facilities Manager

OLA is like family. From the staff, (school and church), the kids and the parents, OLA feels like a community. Every day is a pleasure to come to work. The preschool kids always put a smile on my face when they see me, and say "Hi Mr. Jon". It's the small things like "Thank you for fixing ABC" or an unsolicited "thank you for all you do" from a parent or a parishioner. It's easy to come to work when you feel valued and appreciated.

WO Mangiaracina.png
WO Fleming.png
Peyton Fleming

We chose Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church because friends and neighbors alike had shown us that OLA encompasses strong moral values built upon the Catholic faith.


We thoroughly love the involvement aspect of OLA - we enjoy giving time, talent, and treasures to our family’s church, school, and community.

Steve Conway

We chose Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church because friends and neighbors alike had shown us that OLA encompasses strong moral values built upon the Catholic faith.


We thoroughly love the involvement aspect of OLA - we enjoy giving time, talent, and treasures to our family’s church, school, and community.

WO Conway.png
WO Bulmaro Morales.png
Bulmaro Morales

Fue por mi tío qué me invitó a la misa, recuerdo que me quedé asombrado de lo grande que es por dentro de la iglesia. Ya que tenia 18 años y venia de una familia no practicante de la fe católica sólo tenía mi bautismo y no sabía nada de la fe. Al pasar de dos años empecé a asistir más seguido a misa y después me inscribí a las clases RICA y allí descubrí la riqueza de vivir la fe católica. Desde allí me vine aprendiendo ayudando cómo catequista, ahora estoy muy agradecido con la parroquia Our Lady of the Assumption. Porque en esta parroquia conocí a Dios y personas que me han contagiado la fe."

"It was because of my uncle that he invited me to the mass, I remember that I was amazed at how big the church is inside. Since I was 18 years old and came from a family that did not practice the Catholic faith, I only had my baptism and did not know anything about the faith. After two years I began to attend mass more often and then I enrolled in RCIA classes and there I discovered the richness of living the Catholic faith. From there I began learning by helping as a catechist, now I am very grateful to Our Lady of the Assumption parish. Because in this parish I met God and people who have given me faith."

Madilyn Kramer

After moving from Chicago to ATL with no family around, it was important for me and my growing family to establish roots in a Catholic parish. I searched all over the Atlanta area with nothing that seemed to fit.


Fortunately, a friend recommended OLA, and it wasn’t until then that I found a little piece of home with the added bonuses of a school for my children, a wonderful community, and lifelong friends to share in our faith.

WO Kramer.png
WO Mappes 1.png
Jake Mappes
Director of Music

As Director of Music at OLA, my greatest joy is ministering to all parishioners of all ages and enhancing their faith and worship during the Mass. I especially love the experience of teaching music and working with the diverse members of the Music Ministry in our Children’s, Adult, and Life Teen choirs.


When I participate in the many opportunities OLA offers, I truly feel that I am part of a special community and family where everyone knows each other and works together to create special, life changing experiences. Regardless of where you come from or wherever you are at in life, this parish is a place for you to call your spiritual home.

We all invite you to discover that for yourself by attending an upcoming weekend Mass and getting involved today!

Gwen Brannon

I joined OLA because of how supported and loved our family felt after joining OLA School.

I continue to choose OLA because of the community of families that lift us up, pray for us, and support us in our faith, in our parenting, and in everything else that life throws our way.

WO Brannon.png
WO Tendean.png
Rendy Tendean

"For many of us Indonesian Catholics, OLA has been our home since the year 2000.


I love how OLA parish opened their arms to welcome us as part of OLA, and with open heart and mind assimilating the Indonesian and hispanic communities and cultures.

It is one of a kind Parish with multi-cultural diversity."

Tania Loera

"OLA porque la gente es mas respetuosa."

"OLA because people are more respectful."

WO Loera.png
WO Smith Victoria.png
Victoria Smith

We chose the OLA parish ultimately because of the community. My husband and I always felt it was important to raise our 3 boys in supportive and nurturing environment. The parish introduced us to it’s OLA Catholic School and after being a part of the community, we knew a faith-based education would only enhance the supportive and nurturing environment we were looking for.

Anne Stephens
Communications Director

My family joined the parish back in 1968 when I was a very little girl. I've worked here for over 25 years. I love the people of OLA.


The faith and friendships that I have formed in this parish have been among the greatest blessings of my life.

WO Stephens Anne.png
WO Atlow.png
Bo and Marlon Atlow

We love attending OLA because from day one it has made us feel welcome.

I can remember when I attended mass for the first time and Marlon was out of town I was over joyed with the offers of help with my babies as I tried to manage all on my own.

From that day on I felt at home and having family church is priceless! 

The Santoso Family

We love its community of people and what they stand for. We feel OLA is a diverse and a very welcoming parish. We started coming to OLA 13 years ago for the Indonesian community and Indonesian Mass.

We feel Fr. Jim and the parish are doing a great job to make everybody feel included.

Every time we come we feel the Holy Spirit in the church—its people, not the building.

WO Santoso 1.png
WO Cash.png
La Familia Cash

"OLA porque aquí he encontrado la solución de mis problemas y me siento feliz, contento, gozoso."

"OLA because here I have found the solution to my problems and I feel happy, content, joyful. "

Sally McDonald

I came to OLA in the late 70's because it was local and had a school. I grew up up around Marists & appreciate their brand.

WO McDonald.png
WO Pierelli.png
Carlo Pierelli

OLA does an exceptional job fostering a sense of community and inclusion that welcomes all. As a father one thing that resonates with me is the parish embracing and encouraging the participation of young children.

It is heartwarming that both our parishioners and pastors appreciate, value, and accept the young children attending and participating at our masses.

There are times as a parent you have that uneasy feeling that bringing your child to mass is a distraction and disruptive to others. At OLA both the Pastors and Parishioners help quell these concerns through there kindness and understanding.

Put simply OLA possesses a very welcoming and caring Parish community.

Agatha Noh Lee

"With no family near us, OLA has become our family away from home. We were welcomed with open arms when we first moved to Atlanta. In times of need, we are so grateful to have our parish to lean on. The priests are very kind and words cannot express how thankful we are for our friends' and parish's support.

We truly appreciate the many ways to become involved in our parish. We enjoy the Adult Faith Formation series tremendously. When our children were younger, we could help out through Loaves and Fishes by just making extra food during dinner and dropping it off the next day. Friends encouraged our children when they wanted to help, and graciously drew them into the community by welcoming them into the usher and greeter, and altar serving ministries.

We are grateful to be part of the OLA parish community. The various ministries let us get involved in as much as we could, in all the different seasons of life - and that is awesome!

WO KOngoasa Loh Ne 1.png
WO Caneda.png
Maria Caneda

"OLA porque me hace sentir feliz y alegre."

"OLA because it makes me feel happy and joyful."

La Familia Alvarez

Cuando nosotros llegamos a OLA como familia en el 2010, nos recibieron con brazos abiertos y siempre hemos recibido un apoyo enorme dentro de la comunidad al cual somos muy agradecidos. 

When we arrived at OLA as a family in 2010, they welcomed us with open arms and we have always received enormous support within the community to which we are very grateful.

WO Familia Alvarez 1.png
WO Jackowski 2.png
Kathleen Jackowski
Preschool Director

OLA has become my second family! The preschool is my happy place and allows me to be creative and connect to my religion while fostering a love of God in the youngest of His children.

It was a true blessing when God put OLA and the preschool in my path!

Amber S.

We were looking for a neighborhood parish filled with families, and now we all feel right at home, connected, and close-knit.

WO Steward Amber.png
WO Bourne 1.png
Christina Bourne

OLA is a special place for our family because it's where we've built our church community. This community has seen us through early marriage days, new babies, and now young kids.

Even without being attendees of the parish school, we have made life long friends that we can worship with, pray with, and eat donuts with. Our small groups, volunteer time, and connection through music and prayer, have guided our faith and been a joy in our lives.

My family and I chose OLA because it was a wonderful environment for families and young kids. We stayed because of the amazing ministries, wonderful people, and diverse communities that make this parish thrive!

Lawrence Lee
Pastoral Council Chair
WO LEe.png
WO Susanto 1.png
Susanto Family

OLA is a diverse church community where our family grow our Catholic faith while preserving our Indonesian culture to our children and sharing the culture to OLA parishioners.

Thanks OLA for welcoming our family and Indonesian community.

Familia Diaz Hernández

"OLA porque nos sentimos cómodos y mas tranquilos, nos gustan las actividades que se hacen y nos sentimos mas llenos del Espíritu Santo."

"OLA because we feel comfortable and calmer, we like the activities that are done and we feel more filled with the Holy Spirit."

WO Diaz Hernandez.png
WO Santa.png
Liz Santa

I moved from Florida to Atlanta in 2015 with my two young sons. We were looking for a vibrant parish that did not feel stuffy and had a school for my children to attend.

The 9 AM mass immediately felt like home - a service that gave Grace did not expect perfection, and was full of love.

OLA has continued to be an extension of our home and allowed us to participate in meaningful ministries alongside our fellow parishioners.

La Familia Torres

"OLA porque es muy bonita nos gusta como dan la misa la gente es muy amable."


"OLA because it is very beautiful we like how they give mass the people are very friendly."

WO Torres.png
WO Piper.png
Elizabeth Piper
Director of Faith Formation

Home is the first word that comes to mind when I think of OLA.

My first introduction to OLA was through the school where 2 of my children were welcomed and made lifelong friends. The Marist priests is what drew me back to the parish.

OLA has such a gift of the Marist spirituality. Finally, the community love and support continue the feeling of coming home.

Allison Hines

I chose OLA parish because of the community of people. OLA’s community has supported my family through good times and bad whether it be with a prayer, a meal, or a listening ear.

WO Hines.png
WO Carey.png
Kim Carey
Parish Engagement Council Chair

I originally joined OLA as a single adult in my twenties because OLA felt like home.

I continue to choose OLA because of the community. OLA is my family, my friends and my support system.

Father Kevin Duggan, SM
Parochial Vicar

When I arrived at OLA in December of 2019, I was amazed at how welcoming the community was to me. I was equally surprised at the number of former students I knew from Marist School who were members of the parish.

Kinda felt like coming home.

WO Duggan Kevin SM.png
WO Cervantes.png
Familia Gregoria Cervantes

"OLA porque todos son amables y me gusta lo que hacen."

"OLA because everyone is nice and I like what they do."

Yobani Berduo

"Porque no fui yo quien eligió pertenecer a esta parroquia, fue Dios quien hizo esa elección por mí, como mi lugar de residencia. Un lugar acogedor, me da paz y la calidez de sentirme parte de una comunidad, dónde experimento el amor tierno y providente de Dios."

"Because it was not I who chose to belong to this parish, it was God who made that choice for me, as my place of residence. A welcoming place, it gives me peace and the warmth of feeling part of a community, where I experience the tender and provident love of God."

WO Berduo Y.png
WO Heath Gretchen.png
Gretchen H.

My WHY OLA is, the first time I can to Mass (as a non-Catholic) I felt so welcomed by the greeters at the door as we entered the church. Upon leaving, people gathered outside and we were once again greeted by people and they introduced themselves. I felt so comfortable.

Dominic Palermo

I’m a new member of OLA. My interest in OLA, was mostly thru my prior involvement as a KofC, member at another parish.

It seemed as though the OLA, KofC Council 15161, members were a little more interested and active with their church support than my prior Council. My beliefs, with Council activities, should focus on some of the needs of their church.

Before my transfer I was aware that the OLA, Council 15161, took the initiative to support their church, and since my short involvement at OLA,

I have firsthand experience that this was true.

WO Palermo Dominic.png
WO Woodward.png
Holly Woodward

OLA has something for everyone at every age. When our kids were young we felt at home at 9AM mass with all the other young families.

Now with older kids and teens we love to end our weekend as a family at the 5:30 Life Teen Mass. The music is amazing, and that Mass helps our family start our week grounded in what is most important!

Familia Romero Cabrera

OLA porque nos involucran a los padres en las actividades de nuestros hijos y así nos acercamos mas a Dios.


OLA because they involve us parents in our children's activities and this way we get closer to God.

WO Romero Cabrera.png
WO Rogers Colin and Corinna.png
Colin and Corinna Rogers

My wife and I decided to have both our children baptized at OLA because it was important to raise our family in the Catholic faith. Immediately upon joining OLA and getting to know members of the congregation, the words “family”and “community” were extremely prevalent in conversation.

After experiencing the way the community welcomed our family into the parish, we knew the OLA school was the perfect environment for our children to be educated and raised.

La Familia Pérez

"OLA porque me hace sentir feliz y alegre."

"OLA because it makes me feel

happy and joyful."

WO Perez porque me hace sentir.png
WO Katsacos.png
Kathy Katsacos

"I moved from Florida to Atlanta four years ago. I missed my Parish of 32 years, however OLA has given me a new Catholic community.

Adria Tapp

Jimmy and I joined OLA after we were married in 2014, and through the parish have found a wonderful, supportive community in which we are raising our three daughters, Iler (7), Mary Egen (5) and Sutton (3).

Through my ministry involvement, I have formed the most beautiful, lifelong friendships and have had the opportunity to observe how the community comes together to worship, celebrate, plan events to engage parishioners, and support those in need.

I am inspired by the vibrance of the community and feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it.

WO Tapp 1.png
WO Strozier Benny.png
Benny Strozier
Business Manager

I came to OLA to give back after 32 years running my own business. I was very involved with Marist School when my two sons attended there.

I have a very deep appreciation of the Society of Mary and I am honored to help OLA be the best parish in the Archdiocese serving as Business Manager.

The greatest blessing of OLA is the wonderful professional staff that I work with, I see every day their love and dedication for OLA.

Familia López Ramirez

"OLA porque nos sentimos felices de compartir con todos los hermanos y son muy atentos, pacientes con todos."

"OLA because we feel happy to share with all the brothers and they are very attentive, patient with everyone."

WO Lopez Ramirez.png
WO Mendez Julia.png
Julia Mendez

"Me gusta OLA porque siento

la presencia de Dios."

"I like OLA because I feel the

presence of God."

Familia Gerardo Garcia

"OLA porque nos hemos sentido a gusto con el personal de catequesis por su amabilidad, bondad y su siempre disponibilidad de ayudar."

"OLA because we have felt comfortable with the catechism staff for their kindness, goodness and their availability to help."

WO Gerardo Garcia.png
WO Perez ola porque es una comunidad.png
Familia Pérez

"OLA porque es una comunidad nos hace sentir cómodos, las pláticas que dan son muy buenas."

"OLA because it is a community makes us feel comfortable, the talks they give are very good."

Matt and Nina Donovan

Our first visit to OLA Catholic Church was in 2018 which led us to meeting Father Jim and becoming parishioners. Our love for the parish has grown over the years.

We have found friends in our church ministries, become highly involved in the church’s sweet Pre-School, and now we are enjoying our time at OLA Catholic School.

WO Donavan.png
WO Sanders.png
Michele Sanders

My family and I joined OLA for the amazing community, because it was something that had significantly impacted me when I attended OLA Catholic School for elementary.

Myself and my family have made many lifetime friends who have been with us through all of life’s ups and downs. To this day, my community and friends continue to pray over me when times are rough and praise God along side me when life overflows with his blessings.

If it wasn’t for the impact the OLA community made on me over 30 years ago, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I also would not be in the position of granting my children with the same grace and blessings of such an empathetic, loving, and supportive community.

Stephanie Maddox

Like a lot of parishoners, OLA was the closest Catholic church to our home when we moved to the area in 2009. SInce then, it has become our community and our home through the preschool, the OLA Catholic School, the various ministries that we are involved in and have been supported by, and the people that we have grown close to as we raise our young family in this parish.


Being able to attend Mass with your community makes it that much sweeter.

WO Maddox.png
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