Mass Times

“It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without Holy Mass.”

 - Saint Padre Pio

Daily Mass Schedule  

Monday - Friday:    7:30am

Saturday:                 9:00am

Weekend Mass Schedule 

Saturday:    5:00pm

Sunday:       7:30am, 9am, 11:30am,

                     1:30pm (Indonesian), 

                     3:30pm (Spanish)

                     5:30pm (Teen Ministered)

Mass Livestream Schedule

Daily Masses

Monday - Friday:    7:30am 

Saturday:                 9:00am

Weekend Masses

Saturday:                 5:00pm

Saturday:                 9:00am

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COVID-19 Protocols

Every day we are receiving new updates on the spread of COVID-19. Our parish staff and Marists hear frequently from parishioners who are concerned for their health and well being, and for that of others. We also realize that not everyone in the community shares those concerns with regard to COVID-19.

It is our primary responsibility is to provide for the spiritual and pastoral needs of our parish community. That includes ensuring that we provide a safe, healthy environment and that our members feel comfortable in joining us for our liturgies. 


Pew Cordoning

Every other pew in the transepts is now cordoned off to allow those who wish to ensure maximum social distancing a comfortable place to participate in the Mass. (The transepts are the two ‘arms’ of the cross shape of the church.)

Social Distancing

While in any section of the church, we ask that you practice appropriate social distancing with at least 3 feet separating households.


Mask Policy

Everyone, including persons who are fully vaccinated, is strongly encouraged to wear a mask in the church or parish buildings. Use discretion when opting to not wear your mask and continue to practice appropriate social distancing.


Anyone who is not vaccinated - including children over the age of 4 - must wear a mask.



If you are or a member of your household is feeling ill, do NOT come to Mass. There is always a dispensation from attending Mass due to illness - not just because of COVID19 - so stay home and get well. In doing so you help our community stay healthy! Be sure to join us via the Saturday 5pm or Sunday 9am Livestream.

Holy Days of Obligation  

7:30am, 9am (School Mass), 7pm

For some Holy Days, there is a 7pm Vigil the night before

Click here for a Calendar of Holy Days of Obligation

Mass Welcoming Persons Living with Disabilities (and Their Loved Ones)

God has placed persons with special abilities all around us - in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, our churches, and our families. These special needs result from physical, emotional, mental or cognitive conditions in children, women, and men. It can be difficult for these beloved children of God to participate in the Mass due to physical or social barriers - and even family anxiety.


It is important that OLA’s parish family fosters a welcoming, accepting, and safe environment for these persons with special abilities.

What does the Mass Welcoming Persons with Special Needs  look like? The Mass won’t look different to you. Some of the things you might see are a little quieter music, a little softer lighting, a shorter homily, handouts and fidget toys for some of our

Butterflies, and most importantly - new faces at Mass of persons who may have been nervous about joining us before!


We look forward to all of our parishioners welcoming these very special children and adults to the Saturday 5pm Mass on the 4th Saturday of each month.  There will be no Mass in December 2021. 

Questions? Email Deacon Antonius at

Low Gluten Hosts Procedure

For those with gluten intolerance we provide low gluten hosts made by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Clyde, MO. As stated on their website their "breads are made of wheat starch (wheat flour from which much of the gluten protein has been removed) plus water.  It’s gluten content is <.001%. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has approved them for use in all dioceses."  You can learn more about the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration at


1, Arrive early at Mass  and inform the deacon that you will need a low gluten host for communion. 


2. Place your host in the pyx (small gold container) labeled “gluten free” on the tray on the gifts table in the narthex.



1. During communion, you go to the line where the priest is distributing communion. (If the priest isn’t distributing communion you still go to the right line at the main aisle.) 


2. When you are ready to receive, notify the priest (or whomever is distributing communion) that you are receiving the low gluten host.  

Teen Ministered Mass

Our 5:30 Mass on Sundays is ministered exclusively by the teens of our parish, and we are always looking for new volunteers. We need Lectors, Ushers, EHMCs, and new members for our Life Teen Band!

To learn more, please contact Joseph Hoffman, Assistant Youth Minister, at or visit the Youth Ministry website by clicking here.

Little Lambs

Each Sunday at 9am Mass during the school year independent preschool aged children are invited to receive their own Liturgy of the Word during Mass. They are led out by our community shepherd prior to the first reading then return to Mass at the offertory. They experience scripture and a reflection designed just for their age group.

For more information, please contact Emily DeWitt at

The Sunday Nursery

The Nursery is available during the 9am Sunday Mass for children 1- 4 years of age throughout the school year. The Nursery is located in the OLA Preschool classrooms - follow directional signs on Sunday or stop by the Welcome Desk for more information.


For more information, please contact Anna Gonzales at