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The best way to keep up with all that is happening at OLA - aside from this website - is to read the bulletin, sign up for the weekly E-News and Follow us on Social Media. 

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Weekly Bulletin

Click here to read the latest parish bulletin.

Bulletin Submissions

Submissions are only accepted for parish events and activities. All bulletin submissions are due by 9am on the TUESDAY 12 days prior to publication of the bulletin and e-news unless otherwise published in the e-news or bulletin.

Bulletin submissions are only accepted through this online form:

Upcoming Bulletin Submission Deadline Changes

The July 21st Bulletin is due at 9am on Monday, July 8th

The July 28th Bulletin is due at 9am on Tuesday, July 9th, and 

The August 4th Bulletin is due at 9am on Wednesday, July 10th. 

Weekly E-News

The Parish E-news is sent weekly on either Monday or Tuesday.


Click here to request being added to our email list.


E-News Submissions

Submissions for OLA events/activities only will be accepted. Send text to Anne Stephens at

All submissions must be concise and are subject to editing for content and length.

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