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Our Ministries

"As Christian stewards, we receive God's gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly,

share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord."

​- United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Call to Ministry

The heart of any parish is worship and from that worship stems ministry. Our partaking of the weekly – and daily – Eucharist prepares us to go into the world and serve God’s children. It also calls us to live in community with others.

Here at Our Lady of the Assumption it calls us to create a community that is always reaching to grow spiritually, to serve the less fortunate, and to grow in love and fellowship with one another.


At our baptism we are anointed Priest, Prophet, and King.


We are Priest through worship – when we acknowledge the saving presence of God in our lives, offer sacrifice, and acknowledge the many gifts that He has given to us.  We are Prophet when we are educated in our faith and then proclaim it to others. We are King when we lead and serve God’s people.


Our parish is blessed in that we have over 70 ministries that allow us to serve others or to be served in times of need. We have ministries that form our faith or bring us together in joyful, communal celebration! There truly is something for everyone – every age, every talent level, every time commitment availability.

See the information below to learn how to find the perfect ministry fit for you!

To download our current Ministry Guide, click here

Religious Education and Faith Formation Ministries

Religious Education and Faith Formation opportunities at OLA exist to help community members of all ages grow in the image and likeness of Christ and to live Gospel-centered lives. 

From the youngest child to the most senior adult we strive to engage our parishioners in life-long catechesis and service.

Religious Education and Faith Formation Ministries Commission Head

Maria Thomas

Saturday Mens Group.jpg
Christian Outreach Ministries

Christian Outreach Ministries help us to live lives of mercy and to fulfill our baptismal call as we serve others who are in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual aid.

Christian Outreach Ministries

Commission Head

Amanda Reilly

Worship Ministries

OLA’s Worship Ministries offer our parishioners opportunities to gather in prayer, to serve our liturgies behind-the-scenes, and to assist in the action of the liturgies. 


Through their gifts and talents ministry stewards ensure that our liturgical celebrations are truly life-giving expressions of our faith. 

Our Worship Ministries are always looking for volunteers - and for new members to join us in prayer.


Worship Ministries Commission Head

Jocelyn Ralston

March 2022- Drawing of Jesus.jpg
Spiritual Life Ministries

Spiritual Life Ministries help foster the spiritual life of the members of our community through activities including retreats, prayer, and discussion groups.

Spiritual Life Ministries Commission Head

James Eyre |

Parish Life Ministries

Parish Life ministries provide welcoming and social activities for our parishioners of all ages. These ministries help all members ofour community grow in relationship with one another.

Christian Outreach Ministries

Commission Head

Juliet Greco

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