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2024 Stewardship Offertory Pledge

Fr. Mike Schmitz: Owner VS. Steward  


1. Reflect on the scriptures, teachings, and the witness of others on the topic of Christian stewardship.

2. Prayerfully discern your household pledge. Consider pledging using the biblical tithing scale of 10% with 5% going to our offertory collection.

3. Complete the  Pledge Form by November 15, 2023.
 Use the form below or click here to download a form. (Be sure to have your Envelope Number on hand.)

4. Fulfill your pledge in 2024 through one of our giving methods (click here to go to our Giving page.).


Monthly Giving Percentage Chart-2.png


Q.  After I pledge, how do I give?

A.  After you pledge, you can fulfill your pledge through one of our methods of giving found on our Giving Page. Click here for more information.

Q.  Is my pledge directly connected to my credit card or bank account? 

A.  No, your pledge and payment method are not directly linked together.  You will need to fulfill your pledge with payments through one of our giving methods.  If you are already using OLA's Online Giving or your bank’s Online Bill Pay system, you will need to update your payment amount to match your new pledge amount.

Q.  What happens if my household’s financial situation changes after I pledge?

 A.  A family’s financial situation may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Pledges are not legal obligations.  Therefore, if you  need to change or cancel your pledge,  contact the accounting department and notify us of the change. Furthermore, should you find yourself needing financial or other assistance, we may be able to connect you with helpful support resources.  If you give online, remember to stop/change your automatic payments in your online giving account.

Q.  What happens if I move and cannot fulfill my pledge? 

A.  Simply contact our accounting department to let us know when you are moving. This allows us to update our parish records and plan accordingly. If you give online, you will need to stop/change the automatic payments in your online giving account.

Q.  Should I pledge if I already give? 


A.  Yes. Pledging is an annual recommitment to give your first fruits to God. Furthermore, your pledge allows the parish to operate more boldly and prudently, since we can better estimate our revenue for the next year.  Thus, pledging is both a personal spiritual exercise and a practical aid for the parish.  Nonetheless, we are grateful for all gifts – whether you pledge or not!

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