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Introducing My Own Church

Sign Up for My Own Church and Help Us Clean Up Our Parish Records!

My Own Church is your parish records at your fingertips! It's your own personal tool for managing your information in our parish database - sacramental records, financial giving history, and more. Your managing your personal information will help keep our parish records accurate. 


We encourage you to complete your account setup in order to be more fully informed.


Reasons to check if your information is correct: 

+ Have you moved?

+ Do you have a new last name?

+ Did you get rid of your landline?

+ Do you have a new phone number?

+ Have you added a new member to the family?

+ Do we have your correct email addresses?​


Sign up and verify that we have your correct information!

Learn more/sign up:

(You must be a registered parishioner to sign up.)



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