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St. Vincent de Paul Neighbors in Need - October

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

A Brookhaven family of two parents and three children ages 2, 6 and 10 contacted the OLA SVdP help in September. The family lives sparsely to manage their tight budget. The father

who works in construction suffered several weeks of reduced demand. He was doing his best to find additional work but has struggled to make ends meet. The family needed support to pay their October rent of $1,165, to avoid eviction and remain in their apartment home of 3 years. So OLA SVDP Conference contributed $400 to enable them to pay the October rent. Additionally, the family was able to make ends meet for the month with supplies from the SVdP food pantry, needed clothes from the SVdP thrift store, and diapers from a partner organization called “Helping Mamas”. And finally, we guided them to seek healthcare services from Mercy Care to relieve their medical expenses. The parents are encouraged with respect to November finances as the father is beginning to be contracted for more construction projects.


A young mother with two elementary aged children relocated to Atlanta from upstate New York, based on the promise of a friend to be a live-in caregiver. It did not work out, and she found herself and her family, homeless. She was waiting for her background checks to be completed for daycare as she struggled to secure work and housing. She was also waiting for an opening at a downtown Shelter.

Our OLA volunteers picked her up and took her to lunch and talked for several hours. We met her children, one of whom is autistic. They were happy, clean, and incredibly well mannered in spite of the fact that they did not know where they would sleep at night.

Our volunteers were able to provide her a bridge of housing between homelessness and an opening at the shelter. We also provided food for her and her children and a blanket. When our volunteers visited her again, she had her room at an extended stay all set up, cleaned, and the children were doing their homework.

Her parting words were “may God continue to bless you all, so that you can continue to bless others” .

The OLA family continues to bless others with your generosity.


Thank you OLA parishioners for your continued financial support of our ministry. Donate today at

We are always seeking new members as well. Please contact Steve Conway or Frances Rodriguez


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