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Sign Up for OLA Athletics!

Dear OLA Athletic Ministry Families,

I hope you are getting into the groove of summer and that the kids are enjoying their time off.  We are looking forward to the Fall and working on further improvements to our parish athletic ministry programs. 

We will still be offering the following programs. (Click on the sport below for more information.)


NEW SPORT - We are considering starting a fall golf program for 5th-8th.  If you are interested in leading this program as a director please let me know.


MARIST BOUND - Congratulations to our large contingent of Marist bound kids.  I do want to stress that you are all still welcome to continue to participate in OLA athletics while you are attending Marist.  While there are many sports opportunities at Marist, I know many of the kids still love playing with their friends from OLA.  Over the years we have seen them continue on into highschool with basketball.


SUMMER SOCCER CAMP - We have an end of summer soccer camp planned at OLA from 7/29 - 8/2.  Sign up with Challenger Sports on their website.


RUN TO CHURCH - Mark your calendars for the 2024 Run to Church charity race scheduled for Saturday, August 17th.  Registration link will be sent when available.

PARISH VERIFICATIONThis is a very time intensive process but is vital to ensure that tuition discounts are going to those who meet the Archdiocese definition of Active Parishioners.  In order for the Athletic Ministry to count towards ministry involvement you must volunteer through our website, complete or maintain Safe Environment Status and be selected to coach one of the teams in our program during the 2024-25 athletic season.  Being a coach or program director are the only positions which count towards active involvement in our ministry.  Please see the detailed letter from Father Duffy regarding all aspects of Active Parishioner status. Parish Verification Letter from Father Duffy 


SAFE ENVIRONMENTThe safety of children in our program is our first priority.  We are making enhancements to this through additional coach communication and training before each season.  As a resource for coaches we are asking all parents who have completed Safe Environment to volunteer to be identified as a possible Team SE Monitor when two coaches are not present for practices or games.  The coaches will reach out to you for assistance if and when they cannot ensure a safe environment for team events.  We appreciate a collective effort to make sure that all ministry activities with our kids are Safe Environment compliant.


Thank you all for your support over the last year and we hope to see you all again in the fall.


Go Bobcats


Rob Aldrich

Executive Director


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