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Parish Endowment Sunday

Did you know that OLA has an endowment fund? Are you familiar with what an endowment fund is?

Our endowment fund supports the mission of our parish long into the future. It ensures the financial stability and sustainability of our parish. The principal of the fund continues to grow over time – only the interest is spent on current needs of our parish.

Gifts to our endowment fund are protected and never spent. As the market grows over time, gifts to our fund grow and produce earnings that can be used by our parish to meet current needs.

OLA's endowment fund supports the needs of the parish that encompass the Marist Mission of seeing the Gospel of Jesus take root in our contemporary world, to reflect “the face of Mary” – a spirit that is gentle, loving, humble, relational, compassionate, open, inclusive, and merciful.

Learn more on Endowment Sunday - May 21st - at Mass and/or click here to donate!


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