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How Will You Answer Your Baptismal Call to Serve?

The heart of any parish is worship and from that worship stems ministry. Our partaking of the weekly – and daily – Eucharist prepares us to go into the world and serve God’s people.

At Our Lady of the Assumption it calls us to create a community that is always reaching to grow spiritually, to serve the less fortunate, and to grow in love and fellowship with one another.

At our baptism we are anointed Priest, Prophet, and King. We are Priest through worship – when we acknowledge the saving presence of God in our lives, offer sacrifice, and acknowledge the many gifts that He has given to us. We are Prophet when we are educated in our faith and then proclaim it to others. We are King when we lead and serve God’s people. We invite you to answer your baptismal call with us.

Click here to download our newest Ministry guide to see all that OLA has to offer:

Hint: For those of you who will be needing Parish Verifications in the coming year, this is the perfect time to start getting involved!


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