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Communion Under Both Species to Resume

We are preparing to return to the practice of offering Holy Communion under both Species, which was halted during the Covid pandemic. Because it has been a while since we have had communion under both Species, we need to make sure Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers are retrained for this practice and are comfortable offering the Precious Blood of our Lord to the congregation.

It is important to remember that this is an option offered to the Communicant. Receiving communion under both Species more fully reflects the Lord’s command at the Last Supper. However, it is also important toremember that as stated in the Norms for the Distribution and

Reception of Holy Communion, the real presence of Christ in the eucharistic elements, is whole and entire—in each element of consecrated bread and wine (the doctrine of concomitance).

Please take time to prayerfully reflect on this return to Communion under both Species and whether you will participate by receiving both Species or continue to receive our Risen Lord in the Eucharistic bread (Body of Christ) only. There may well be health reasons and other concerns that would lead a Communicant to continue receiving only the

Eucharistic Host.

The chalice will be reintroduced

beginning on August 14th at the Vigil Mass for the Feast of the Assumption.


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