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Butterfly Mass Testimonial

When we began celebrating the monthly Butterfly Mass just over a year ago we knew that many who attended would do so quietly and we may never know that they were there. We understand that individuals and families often wish to keep

disabilities private.

Recently we received a testemonial that inspires us to continue this quiet ministry:

“I want to share that it has been such a comfort knowing that there are people like you who are supportive, who Understand, or experienced what it is like to be with a loved one who observes and interacts with the world in unconventional ways. Unlike previous years where my son was forced to shut down his emotions or was completely excluded from partaking in mass, he now feels joy and ease when he attends our butterfly mass. He loves that he is allowed to listen to the sermons while resting his head on his sister's lap, yell/sing a particular hymn without us shushing his loud vocals, and the feeling of being free to move his body without shame or guilt. He may be a young child but he can already sense if people accept or will reject him. Thank you for receiving him and giving him moments where he does not feel like a lonely oddball.”

Thank you, OLA, for your support of these families and individuals!


Next Monthly Butterfly Mass | Saturday, November 26

We welcome everyone in the parish to join in the celebration of Mass along with our brothers and sisters of all abilities on the 4th Saturday of each month at the 5pm Mass. The Butterfly Mass features softer lighting and music, fidgets for our “busy bees” and a calmer setting. OLA’s parish family fosters a welcoming, accepting, and safe environment for persons with special abilities. All are welcome to join us.

If you are interested in being on the Mass Team, email Joy Baljet at



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