What's Your Twenty?

We want to make 2020 at OLA a year of growth in our parish!

"What's your Twenty?" is a phrase asking, what's your location. Where are you? Where are you in your spiritual life? In your life of service? How much do you commit to living out your faith in every aspect of your life?

We're offering some ideas below, but we'll want to hear from you throughout the year! Email us your ideas, post on social media (#Twentyin20 - #WhatsYourTwenty - #OLALove).

Cut out the "coupon" found by clicking here and drop it in the collection basket - we'll post them in the church and in the bulletin! Let's start a revolution of love here in Brookhaven - and around the globe!

We are called through our baptism to shine Christ's Light into the world! Let's spend the new year increasing our worship, education, and service twenty-fold. Let's join together to be the Light in the darkness.

I look forward to seeing where this takes us!

Yours in Mary, Our Mother, Father Jim


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