Wednesday Men's Group Winter/Spring 2020 Program

The OLA Wednesday Men's Group (WMG) is announcing its Winter/Spring 2020 program, and sending out this invitation to other OLA Men to participate.

We will be reading and discussing Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput (of the Philadelphia, PA Archdiocese).

In this book, Archbishop Chaput critiques the new realities of "post-Christian America" in an effort to assist faithful Catholics in navigating 21st century US society. The program will follow a study guide, with light weekly reading assignments.

We will begin on Wednesday, January 22nd with a video intro of the topic, along with an overview of how we will structure the program, from current OLA WMG members.

Those interested in joining us are encouraged view the video primer below ( to learn more about the book we will study, as well as obtain a copy of Archbishop Chaput's book (see title above - about $10 on Amazon).

The OLA WMG was founded in October of 2016, with a commitment to OLA Men seeking a classic, mid-week, evening meeting format. Our group offers brotherhood, fellowship, and a deeper appreciation of our Catholic faith, to OLA's male parishioners. The group meets weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7:00PM to 8:30PM in the Library of the church's office. For more information, please email us at, or contact Matt Foley at (404) 240-0235 or Kevin O'Toole at (404) 451-3092.


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