#iGiveCatholic on Giving Tuesday

Save the Date (December 3) for #iGIVECATHOLIC on Giving Tuesday and help support your parish!

Dear OLA Family,

The next time you are walking into church take a moment to look at your surroundings, at the exterior of our beautiful church and Garden of Memories/Columbarium. When you do you will see that the exterior of our facilities is in need of a serious cleaning!

We have received an estimate for the pressure washing/cleaning and sealing of the exterior facilities and it comes to $36,000! It is obvious at first glance that the work needs to be done, but unfortunately we do not have the money in our budget to cover the expense.

The work includes the following:

1) PRESSURE & SOFT WASH - wash all exterior surfaces of the buildings.

2) SEALING - seal all exterior surfaces of the building. - seal all retaining walls with an invisible, film-forming, UV-resilient, breathable, penetrating sealer. It is designed to penetrate the surface and react with the silica within the stone, expanding and filling microscopic cracks and crevices in the material to create a long-lasting repellency to oil, water and waterborne stains.)

It is my hope that we are able to raise these funds on this year's Giving Tuesday through #iGiveCatholic. Please prayerfully consider making a donation on December 3.

Thank you for your continued support of OLA!

Yours in Mary, Our Mother

Fr. Jim Duffy, SM


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