Honoring Your Graduate

Every year we ask parents to submit the names and photos of their High School or College Graduates to be printed in the bulletin. We looking for a the following information on your graduate:

  • For High School Graduates: Name and Future Plans (college, tech school, or job)

  • For College Graduates: Name, College, and Degree

  • For Advanced Degrees: Name, College, and Advanced Degree.

We are also asking that you provide a non-school email address for your child if you would like the parish to keep in touch with them after High School Graduation. ​Please click here to fill out the form, NO LATER THAN 9am on Friday, May 6 for your child to be included. We will NOT accept photos or information after that date/time. ​Questions or if you are unable to upload the photo: Contact Anne Stephens at astephens@olachurch.org.


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