COVID-19 Mass Update

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

September 3, 2021

Dear OLA Family,

Every day we are receiving new updates on the spread of COVID-19. Our parish staff, my fellow Marists, and I hear daily from parishioners who are concerned for their health and well being, and for that of others. We also realize that not everyone in the community shares those concerns with regard to COVID-19.

As your pastor, my primary responsibility is to provide for the spiritual and pastoral needs of our parish community. That includes ensuring that we provide a safe, healthy environment and that our members feel comfortable in joining us for our liturgies. Our Mask Policy, which can be found below, remains unchanged. However, effective immediately, we are implementing additional measures in social distancing.

Pew Cordoning

Every other pew in the transepts is now cordoned off to allow those who wish to ensure maximum social distancing a comfortable place to participate in the Mass. (The transepts are the two ‘arms’ of the cross shape of the church.)

The entrance to the ambo side transept (to the right when facing the altar) will be unlocked for your entry. The path to this door is located to the right of the preschool building/steps up to Moylan Hall. Just follow the path.

The entrance to the tabernacle side transept (to the left when facing the altar) is beside the handicapped parking spaces.

If you will not be sitting in one of these sections we ask that you avoid entry through those doors.

Social Distancing

While in any section of the church, we ask that you practice appropriate social distancing with at least 3 feet separating households.

Mask Policy

Everyone, including persons who are fully vaccinated, is strongly encouraged to wear a mask in the church or parish buildings. Use discretion when opting to not wear your mask and continue to practice appropriate social distancing.

Anyone who is not vaccinated - including children over the age of 4 - must wear a mask.


If you are or a member of your household is feeling ill, do NOT come to Mass. There is always a dispensation from attending Mass due to illness - not just because of COVID19 - so stay home and get well. In doing so you help our community stay healthy! Be sure to join us via the Saturday 5pm or Sunday 9am Livestream.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

On Sunday, September 26 the Children’s Liturgy of the Word will resume at the Sunday 9am Mass for children in Kindergarten and first grade.

All children who participate must wear a mask. Adult volunteers must wear a mask as well.


For information on Preschool and OLA School protocols, please reach out the school.

As the situation with COVID-19 unfolds, procedures are subject to change. Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this very trying time.

Yours in Mary, Our Mother,

Father Jim