A Stephen Ministry Testimonial

OLA’s Stephen Ministry recently received a note from a care receiver about how her Stephen Minister touched her life. Her words were so powerful that we got her permission to share them with you:

“I thank God every day for leading me to my Stephen Ministry. When we began our caring relationship, I was slowly coming out of the numbness I felt after the shattering of my marriage. Her patience, her listening ear, and her willingness to serve have completely changed the trajectory of my life.

Without a doubt, accepting care from my church’s Stephen Ministry has been the best decision of my life. Everyone should be able to have a Stephen Minister when they need one - it’s an amazing model of how the body of Christ can work. God is truly being glorified through their service everywhere!”

This is just one example of the much-needed ministry that Stephen Ministers are providing every day. If you are struggling with the challenges of life, you do not have to bear your burdens alone. A Stephen Minister can walk this journey with you. To request a Stephen Minister, contact the OLA parish office at

404-261-7181, extension 128. All inquiries are confidential.


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