Greeter/Usher Training

Teen and Adult volunteers are needed to greet the faithful as they arrive and assist them with seating. This ministry is vital to providing all who enter our church doors with a sense of welcome and hospitality. 


In Chapter 53 of the Rule of St. Benedict he instructs his monks that “All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ, for he himself will say: I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matt 25:35).”  That is the type of hospitality that we, as greeters and ushers, are called to provide for our OLA family. 


Father Jim and Adrian invite you to join them for a Greeter/Usher Training Session on Wednesday, February 9 at 7pm in the Church.

This training is REQUIRED for all who wish to serve in this very important ministry of hospitality.


Email Adrian with questions at

Greeter/Usher Responsibilities

Mass Lead Ushers:

Ideally, each Mass will have 2 to 4 teams who rotate each week. The Mass Lead Ushers are responsible for ensuring that their assigned Mass is covered by monitoring the monthly Sign-Up.

Mass Leaders are responsible for communicating to their greeter/usher teams to ensure that they are aware of any special events happening at Mass



Greeters are stationed at the entrance doors of the church to welcome those attending Mass and to distribute open the exit doors and distribute the bulletins as people leave. (Greeters my need to double as ushers.)


Ushers work alongside the greeters and are responsible for assisting worshippers find seating, for taking up the collection, and assisting the clergy as needed. (Ushers may need to double as greeters.)