Recognizing our 2023 High School and College Graduates

Every year we ask parents to submit the names and photos of their High School or College Graduates to be printed in the bulletin.


We looking for a the following information on your graduate:


  • For High School Graduates: Name and Future Plans (college, tech school, or job)

  • For College Graduates: Name, College, and Degree

  • For Advanced Degrees: Name, College, and Advanced Degree

Do NOT send the following:

  • Photos with graduate wearing mortar board/head covering,

  • Photos with graduate touching their face, or

  • Screenshots - only send the actual JPG or PNG image. Screenshots are very poor quality.

We are also asking that you provide a non-school email address for your child if you would like the parish to keep in touch with them when they head off to college. 

Please fill out the form below, no later than 9am on Friday, May 6 for your child to be included. We will NOT accept photos or information after that date/time. 

Questions or if you are unable to upload the photo: Contact Anne Stephens at