Families Forming Disciples (PSR)

OLA along with the Archdioceses of Atlanta, beginning in September is introducing a Hybrid program that will allow families to come together in small faith communities with the focus on the domestic church. These small groups formed with 8 families of both English speaking and Spanish speaking members will come together 2 times a month for community building and formation. These meetings last about an hour and can be done through a virtual format or in-person meetings in a space that allows Covid 19 guidelines to be maintained. Between these gatherings, activities are offered to support the family as the domestic church.

Our Faith Formation Department will support these groups though their journey.

The lesson plans and summery of this program can be found on the Archdioceses website at: https://www.evangelizationatl.com/families-forming-disciples

Please take a moment to fill out this form so that we can start placing your family into small group communities.