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Ethical Trade Sales

The OLA Ethical Trade Sales began in 2015 and as of December 2021, thanks to the generosity of the OLA parishioners, our parish (in partnership with other parishes and groups) has built FIVE houses (one was a duplex) for families living in poverty - mainly in Latin America. 

OLA’s Justice and Peace Ministry, (J&PM) has made OLA a marketplace to support  small coffee growers who are not able to compete with the large coffee companies. We partner with a local coffee roasting company in Americus, Georgia called Café Campesino. The 20 year old company is Georgia’s first and only 100% fair trade organic roaster and importer.

If you have questions about our Ethical Trade Sales, please contact Maria Massey at


Questions about our Justice and Peace Ministry can be directed to Suzanne Ernst at

When paying online please note that there are two fields for payment:

  • One where you type in the amount that you owe. You do not receive a tax statement on this payment, and

  • One is a donation field for those who wish to further support the J&P Ministry's efforts to assist the less fortunate. You will receive a tax statment for this.

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