2022-23 Parish Verification Form
for Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School (Only)

Active Parishioner Status for OLA Catholic School

The Archdiocese of Atlanta requires all families to submit a Parish Verification form to their Catholic School to verify that the family is registered and active in the parish.


The Archdiocese defines “active parishioners” as those registered and worshipping members who contribute of their time, talent and financial resources to support the Parish by the following:


  • Regular attendance at liturgy,

  • Consistent financial support of the parish, and

  • Volunteer involvement within the parish.

Due to COVID-19 all parishioners were granted “Active Parishioner” Status for the current school year. Active status will no longer be automatic. In order to receive Active Parishioner Status in the future, you must adhere to all requirements that are set forth by the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s Office of Catholic Schools.


Volunteer involvement within the parish does not include attendance at events, but requires active membership and frequent participation in one or more of our many ministries. Also, active status in the parish does not include volunteering in the school or other non-parish service.


While we encourage children to be active in ministry to the parish, status is dependent on the involvement of the parents.

Here's houw you can get Involved: 

  • To learn more about the ministries at OLA, please click here to download our Ministry Guide, or click here to go to our Minstry page.

  • Click here to learn about our current/urgent ministry needs. 


The form below is only for families that:

  • Are registered parishioners at Our Lady of the Assupmtion Catholic Church, AND

  • Are applying to or have children who attend Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic School. 

Be sure that you have a family photo (where faces can be seen clearly) ready to upload before you begin to fill out this form.
Forms will not be accepted without a photo.