Pastoral Council

Our mission is to engage and inspire our community to do the work of Christ. We are a consultative group of parish volunteers, led by our Pastor, charged with prayerfully discerning parish needs, setting pastoral priorities, and empowering people to participate in the mission of Christ. We work closely with the finance council to make solid recommendations to our Pastor. Father Jim – and currently Father John - often engages us in shared decision-making for our church, and we are honored to serve our parish community.

Pastoral Council Members

Father Jim Duffy, SM


Father Kevin Duggan, SM

Parochial Vicar -Ex Officio


Father John Ulrich, SM

Parochial Vicar - Ex Officio


Benny Strozier

Parish Business ManagerEx Officio


Anne Stephens

Parish Communications Director - Ex Officio

Elizabeth Piper

Parish Director of Faith Formaiton - Ex Officio


Andrew Knuckles

Parish Director of Youth Ministry - Ex Officio


Lawrence Lee



Crystal Beasley



Juliet Greco

Secretary & Parish LIfe Ministries Commisison Head

Matt Gunning

Finance Council Representative - Ex Officio

Joseph Patin

Finance Council Representative - Ex Officio

Ashlyn Gioia

Ministry Commission Representative - Ex Officio

Eric Johnson

OLA School Representative - Ex Officio

Deacon Ed Patterson

Latino Community Representative - Ex Officio

Robert Susanto

Indonesian Community Representative - Ex Officio

Jocelyn Ralston

Worship/Liturgy Ministries Commission Head

Maria Thomas

Religious Education & Faith Formaiton Ministries Commission Head

Jim Eyre

Spiritual Life Ministries Commission Ministries Head

Amanda Reilly

Christian Outreach Ministries Head