Children and Youth Virtus Training

Dear OLA Parents,

This year the Archdiocese of Atlanta (AOA) is offering a virtual program for families to present information to their children entitled Teaching Touch Safety. Each year this information is offered to the children that participate in our Faith Formation programs. Since we are meeting virtually this year the AOA has created a video for you to listen to with your child then offer discussion questions.

The Parents will present a sexual abuse prevention program, Teaching Touching Safety, to our children by 2/18. This program is provided to us by the Archdiocese and is a part of our ongoing effort to help create and maintain safe environments for all children and youth and to protect all of them from sexual abuse.

The scheduled lesson is being offered to all students virtually by the parents. As a parent, you have the right to choose whether your student participates in the program. We encourage you to read the “overview” and “lesson plan” assigned to your child’s age group to understand exactly what your child will be taught.


Grades K - 5

Video: Empowering God's Children Grades K-5

Parent Lesson:  Grades K-2

Parent Lesson: Grades 3 - 5

Grades 6 - 8

Video: Empowering God's Children Grades 6-8

Parent Lesson: Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

Video: Empowering God's Children Grades 9-12

Parent Lesson: Grades 9-12

It is important to note, this is basic prevention education and is in no way to be considered sex education or education on private body parts. Neither of these components fall within our educational mandate to provide your child with the information needed to keep them safe from those who would do them harm.  

The Archdiocse requires that we have your respons no later than Thursday, February 18 to acknowledge receipt of this information and to inform as to your intention to present this program to your child(ren) or to opt-out of the program. 

Please fill out the form to the right before leaving this page.

Thank you for your attention to this most imporant matter and in helping us to keep your child safe. 

Yours in Mary, 


Elizabeth Piper

Director of Faith Formation

Andrew Knuckels

Youth Minister