Our Community

Our Lady of the Assumption is a diverse and growing parish located in Brookhaven, Georgia with over 1,500 registered individuals and families who are deeply involved as stewards to the parish and to the Brookhaven community.

We seek to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, within the Catholic tradition. Informed by the spirit of the Society of Mary (Marists), the ideal to live like Christ in the world, is expressed in our parish under the broad areas of Worship, Education and Service. As a Marist community: “We carry out the Ministry of Jesus, the Christ, in the compassionate Spirit of Mary.”

We are a parish of many cultures, including Indonesian and Latino. Parishioners include people who live in the Brookhaven - a city nestled north of downtown Atlanta and Buckhead - and the surrounding community. The Atlanta area is a hub for many new residents from around the country. 

Our community offers something for everyone: Parish Preschool, Elementary/Middle School, Parish School of Religion, Adult Faith Formation, and Youth Ministry along with a multitude of social functions and ministry opportunities for all ages, interests, and time commitments.

Active membership at Our Lady of the Assumption provides opportunities to enrich your faith and your life through Worship, Education, and Service.

We invite you to learn all about us by exploring this website and visiting us this Sunday!

Pastors of OLA

Msgr. Joseph Moylan, 1951-1965
Rev. Thomas J. Roshentko, SM, 1968-1971
Rev. Paul J. Burkort, SM, 1971-1972
Rev. Thomas A. Stokes, SM, 1972-1976
Rev. Vincent P. Brennan, SM, 1972-1976
Rev. William F. Seli, SM, 1976-1982
Rev. Edward J. Murray, SM, 1982-1988
Rev. Joseph P. Caffrey, SM, 1988-1991
Rev. Andrew G. McCormack, SM, 1991-1997
Rev. James F. McGoldrick, SM, 1997-2006
Rev. James D. Duffy, SM, 2006-Present

Diocesan Priests Who Have Served OLA

Rev. Harold J. Barr
Rev. Cornelius L. Maloney
Rev. Martin J. Jerreau, SJ
Rev. James L. Harrison
Rev. Charels Maloney
Rev. John D. Stapleton
Rev. Philip McConville
Rev. Kenny Sweeney
Rev. William G. Hoffman
Rev. Paul F. Kelley
Rev. Kenneth Doyle
Rev. Andrew J. McDonald
Rev. Richard B. Morrow
Rev. John J. Cotter
Rev. Michael A. Morris

Marists Who Have Served OLA

Rev. Clarence Joseph Biggers, SM
Rev. John Bolduc, SM
Rev. Patrick Byrne, SM
Rev. Raymond J. Carr, SM
Rev. C. A. Chauve, SM
Rev. Hector Cruz, SM
Rev. Thomas C. Dowling, SM
Rev. Eugene J. Driscoll, SM

Rev. Kevin Duggan, SM
Rev. Fortune C. Frenoy, SM
Rev. Charles Girard, SM
Rev. Joel Grissom, SM
Rev. John Hand, SM
Rev. John Hanf, SM
Rev. Eugene E. Hughes, SM
Rev. Michael J. Hovan, SM
Rev. Desmond Hunt, SM
Rev. Joseph Hurtuk, SM
Rev. Francis J. Keany, SM
Rev. Edwin Keel, SM
Rev. L.P. Kellerman, SM
Rev. Mark Kenney, SM
Rev. Richard V. Kirk, SM
Rev. John L. Jazwiecki, SM
Rev. Philip J. McArdle, SM
Rev. George Meiluta, SM
Bro. Ernie Morasci, SM
Rev. Thomas D. O’Donnell, SM
Rev. Thomas Ryan, SM
Rev. William F. Rowland, SM
Rev. Daniel J. Seccomb, SM
Rev. Lawrence Schmuhl, SM
Rev. John Sullivan, SM
Rev. John M. Ulrich, SM