The Pastoral Council is a representative body which advises the Pastor, makes recommendations on matters related to the pastoral needs and planning of the parish, and provides a means through which parishioners may communicate regarding administration of the parish.

The Council consists of appointed and elected members. The appointed members include the ministry commission heads who coordinate and provide leadership for the different parish ministries. 

Parish Staff

Rev. Jim Duffy, S.M., Pastor

Rev. Joel Grissom, S.M., Parochial Vicar

Benny Strozier, Business Manager

Anne Stephens, Communications Director

Angela O’Donoghue, Youth Minister


David Wathen, Chairperson

Gretchen Derazi, Vice-Chairperson

Ingrid Hilsman, Secretary

Council and Community Representatives

Matt Gunning, Finance Council Representative

Joseph Patin, Finance Council Representative

Kathy Williams, Stewardship Council Representative

Eric Johnson, OLA School Representative

Robert Susanto, Indonesian Community Representative

Deacon Ed Patterson, Latino Community Representative

Commission Heads

Maria Solsrud, Liturgy Commission Head

Lori Howard, Religious Education and Formation Commission Head

Philip Ebinger, Spiritual Life Commission Head

Bonita Cason-Atlow, Christian Outreach Commission Head

Gretchen Derazi, Parish Life Ministries Commission Head


Juliet Greco

Mat Mathews

Jocelyn Ralston