There are three large, rose windows placed high on the walls at the end of the transepts and behind the sanctuary. They depict all of creation worshipping God, the Creator, using the Psalms of the Hebrew Scriptures as inspiration.

In the west transept The Song of Praise of the Cosmos depicts all nature praising and worshiping God – “Works of the Lord, Bless the Lord.” All manner of creation – including animals, flowers, storms, a galaxy, a DNA strand and amoeba – surround a half moon/half sun.

In the east transept The Song of Praise of All the Peoples on Earth shows men, women and children of all races and nations singing their praise – “All You Nations Bless the Lord.” They surround a circle with a chalice, grapes, bread and wheat – a symbol for us as we gather around the Eucharistic table.

In the window behind the altar, The Song of the Angels Around God’s Throne, angels joyfully play instruments while singing in the heavenly liturgy “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts.” They surround an eye encased in a triangle that is surrounded by rays of light, a symbol of the All-Seeing God.