Fr. Edwin KeelAbout Father Ed Keel, SM
Fr. Ed has worked in a variety of ministries in many different places. He taught in the minor seminary near Philadelphia; worked with collegiate seminarians in New Orleans and Atlanta; and was rector of the Marist scholasticate or major seminary in Washington DC. Father Ed is the provincial promoter of the Marist Way, also known as the Marist Laity, or the Third Order of Mary.


Infancy Narratives – December 2016

December 1, 2016 Session

Audio File – Infancy Narratives 1 Luke

Handout for Infancy 1

December 15, 2016 Session

Infancy Narratives 2 Matthew

Handout A for Infancy 2

Handout B for Infancy 2

Handout C for Infancy 2


Canon of the Bible – November 2016

November 10, 2016 Session

Audio File – Canon Formation

Canon Formation 1 – For Handouts Email Father Ed at

November 17, 2016 Session

Audio File – Canon Formation 2

Canon 2 Handout A Rabbi’s Statement

Canon 2 Handout B – Catholic Statement


Fall 2016 – Spirituality of the Society of Mary (Marists)

September 7, 2016 Session

Marist 1 Handout A – Fourviere Pledge

Marist 1 Handout B – Le Puy

Marist 1 Handout C – At Major Seminary

Marist 1 Handout D – Mary Support of Church

Audio File – Marist 1 Fourviere


September 21, 2016 Session

Marist 2 Handout A – Newborn Church

Marist 2 Handout C – At End as at Beginning

Marist 2 Handout B – End of Time

Audio File – Marist 2 Mary and Church


October 5, 2016 Session

Marist 3 Handout A – Whole World Marist

Audio File- Marist 3 End as at Beginning


October 19, 2016 Session

Marist 4 Handout A – Work of Mary

Marist 4 Handout B – Further Witnesses to Reception

Audio File – Marist 4 Whole World Marist


November 2, 2016 Session

Marist 5 Handout A – Marian Church

Audio File – Marist 5 Work of Mary


November 16, 2016 Session

Marist 6 Handout A – Coste on Marian Church

Marist 6 Handout B – Number 49 on Spirit

Audio File – Marist 6 Marian Church


2016 – The Gospel of Mark
Join us Thursday mornings from 8:00-9:30am in the Upper Room for this ongoing Bible study for adults, beginning February 4.

If you are unable to attend you can hear each week’s recording here:


February 2016 – Marists and Mercy: Jesus, Pope Francis and Jean-Claude Colin
Fr. Ed’s talk on the Marist founder’s teaching on  mercy and how it is rooted in the words of Jesus and complemented by the preaching and actions of Pope Francis. Jean-Claude Colin founded the Society of Mary in the 1800s and Marist priests have served at OLA since the 1960s.

Marists and Mercy Talk Handout:  Marists and Mercy 
Marists and Mercy Audio:   Marists and Mercy