ARISE Together in Christ is a three-year, parish-centered process of spiritual renewal and evangelization that enables people to deepen their faith, develop a closer relationship with Christ, grow in community, and reach out in service to others. It emphasizes people living in good relationship with one another, as they make concrete applications of the gospel to their life situations.

ARISE Together in Christ offers a unique opportunity for each of us, individually, and as a parish community, to begin a faith journey that can deepen our relationship with God and one another.

We invite you to join us on this journey!
Leigh and Eric Davis, Arise Co-Chairs


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Goals of the ARISE process:

  • Sharing and witnessing to the Word of God in Sacred Scripture
  • Developing vibrant communities of faith and service
  • Forging deeper relationships among parishioners and across diverse ethnic groups
  • Providing a concrete and practical means of evangelization

What does the spiritual journey offered by Arise look like? 

  • Completed: Fall 2016/Season One – Encountering Christ Today reflects on what it means to encounter Christ through faith sharing,
  • Lent 2017/Season Two – Change Our Hearts reflects on the central call of Ash Wednesday – to conversion, both as a “turning away from…” and as a “turning toward…,”
  • Fall 2017/ Season Three – In the Footsteps of Christ reflects on our fundamental belief that God in Christ chose to walk with us on our path through life and that the risen Christ now walks with us,
  • Lent 2018/Season Four – New Heart, New Spirit focuses on central themes of forgiveness and reconciliation, and
  • Fall 2018/ Season Five – We Are the Good News explores how we are called to be the Good News for other people. We see that evangelization is not something that we do; it is who we are as followers of Christ.

How do I join Arise?
There are a number of ways to get involved.


What if I am in an existing group and I want a change?
Sign up with ARISE as a new member with your preference as to days and group type and note that you are seeking a new group or wish to join another group as well.

Can I create my own Small Christian Community?
Absolutely! Just email Amanda Reilly ( or Mark Dannenfelser ( with detailed information on your small group or register the group here: Small Christian Community Registration.








ARISE Together in Christ is a product of RENEW International. Since 1978 RENEW International has fostered the fastest growing spiritual renewal RENEW-transparent-dec7effort in the Catholic Church. Our process has a positive impact on all parts of the parish community. Outstanding results have been achieved in over 270 dioceses throughout the United States and 23 countries around the world. Our Mission Statement RENEW International fosters spiritual renewal in the Catholic tradition by empowering individuals and communities to encounter God in everyday life, deepen and share faith, and connect faith with action.