What is an Active Parishioner?

Do you send your child to a Catholic School?
Or plan to apply in the future?

Have you been asked to be a Godparent or Confirmation Sponsor?

You will need a Parish Verification or Sponsor letter.  To do this, the OLA office must be able to verify that you are an Active Parishioner.  Additionally, many of the Catholic Schools offer discounted or “Catholic” tuition rates for being an active parishioner. You may ask, what is an active parishioner?  It is much more than just joining a church. The Archdiocese of Atlanta defines “active parishioners as those registered and worshipping members who contribute of their time, talent and financial resources to support the Parish by the following:

  1. supports their Parish financially,
  2. actively participates in Mass each week,
  3. shares their talent within the parish community.

Each Parishioner at Our Lady of the Assumption is assigned an envelope number and envelopes are distributed on a monthly basis.  Every time you attend Mass, you should drop your envelope in the collection basket and your attendance will be recorded.  Even if you give electronically, you may still wish to drop an envelope so we know you are attending church on a regular basis. Also if you forget to bring your envelope with you, you can mark your envelope number in the memo portion of your check to insure proper documentation.  A great way to remember your envelopes is keep them in your car so they are always with you when you attend Mass. Cash contributions without an envelope cannot be designated to an individual for proper documentation.

We would like you to share your talents with us.  We have many opportunities here at OLA to get involved.  We have choirs (children and adult), Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, Readers, Altar Servers, Linen Ministry (they wash and iron to prepare the linens for the weekend Liturgy), and many other ways to serve and help at the Mass.  We have volunteers for our Sunday School Program, Nursery, RCIA, and Bible Study.  We have many ministry’s that serve those in need, St. Vincent de Paul, Soupremes, Night Shelter volunteers, Loaves and Fishes, Ladies and Gentlemen of Moylan, and the lists go on and on.  Some ministry’s can take a lot of your time and involvement; others are a couple of times a year; so there is something for everyone to be involved in our Parish Life.  OLA has many fun events for your family to enjoy, however, attending something is not considered as sharing of your talents, but we do appreciate your support.

An example of enjoying one of our events while sharing your talent would be to formally sign up with the responsible ministry to help with the coordination, set-up, tear-down or overseeing that the event runs smoothly.

So you see, by dropping envelopes and sharing your time and talent with Our Lady of the Assumption, you keep our Parish vibrant with many fun activities.  We need your support and you may just have a great time while meeting some really great people while you are getting involved!

2017-2018 OLA School Parish Verification Form