On Monday, April 16 OLA held a Blue Prayer Service in honor of the men and women of the Brookhaven Police Department. A number of adopt-a-cop families attended this service that was led by youth from our Preschool and School. The officers were given gifts of a “challenge coin” and a scroll from the parish/school youth that listed their descriptions of the officers in the department.

Sergeant Jake Kissel wrote the following reflection on the service:

“Father Jim gave the homily this morning and he used a memory from his childhood.

He started by telling us how grateful he was that we are willing to wake up each and every day and risk our lives for the sake of others who may in fact take their life and the lives of others for granted. When he was a little boy he remembers watching the play “Peter Pan”. He went on to describe a scene from the play that has stuck with him his entire life. This scene involved Capt. Hook poisoning a drink he knew Peter Pan would drink, but Tinkerbell saw him and knew she had to do something. Tinkerbell waited until Hook left and she drank the drink herself knowing it was poison. As the scene continued Tinkerbell started to slow down and her light  began to fade. Peter Pan walked in and found her laying on the ground.

Father Jim said the actor playing Peter turned to the crowd and said, “I know what to do! If we all clap really loud we can save Tink and bring her back.” The actor then asks the crowd, “Will you clap with me?” Father Jim said he looked back at his mom and dad and they all started clapping with the crowd and miraculously Tinkerbell came back to life and was back to full strength!

Father Jim looked at each and every one of us sitting in the first two pews and said, “whenever you think you are alone, know that each and every one of us stand behind you.”

The entire church erupted in applause….. It was truly one of the most humbling things to be a part of.”

 To see photos from the service, please click here.