The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA): A faith-formation process

The RCIA is an opportunity for non-Catholics and Catholics who have not received all the  sacraments of initiation to explore their faith and the Catholic Faith Tradition more deeply.

It is a process available to those who are not baptized or those who are baptized in another Christian denomination, but seek reception into full communion with the Catholic Church, through confirmation and First Eucharist. Additionally, persons who were baptized Catholics, but did not receive the other sacraments of initiation (First Eucharist and  Confirmation) are welcome to join this process.

Even those Catholics who have received all the sacraments of initiation, but have been away for awhile, may participate in this process.

More on the RCIA

The RCIA is a contemporary version of the early Church’s method of inviting non-Catholic adults into communion with the Church. People who wish to join the Catholic Church are asked to go through a process of faith-sharing. The candidates are gradually introduced into the community, its way of life, its gospel value system, its fellowship, and its prayer and worship. It is not a program of  instruction so much as a process of complete conversion and transformation. Besides imparting the basic beliefs of our faith and worship, the RCIA method gently and gradually invites people to change their lives. Its group setting provides for integration and socialization into active, involved membership in a parish community.


The Role of the Parish Community

One of the great values of the RCIA is that it is a process of conversion not only of the candidates, but a conversion of the entire parish community. A variety of parishioners will assist the candidates as they move through the process of spiritual development and discernment by teaching them and sponsoring them and the parish community as a whole is called upon to pray for, love and support those who are engaged in the RCIA process.


How Do I Begin?

  • Attend the Open House on Sunday, Sept. 9 from 10-11:30am in the Upper Room, or,
  • Contact Mark Dannenfelser (Director of Adult Faith Formation):